Anglo Capital Limited provides financial consulting services for international Jewish families and specializes in helping English-speaking residents of Israel and their relatives around the world.

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Anglo Capital CEO Philip Braude has written the Israel Tax Guide, which is a useful source of information regarding the Israeli tax laws that affect anyone resident in Israel and families, institutions and trusts with assets in Israel.

Anglo Capital is part of the Braude Wealth Group, led by Philip Braude, an accountant with international credentials. We offer wealth structuring services for individuals, families, trusts, foundations and corporations, responding to the complex needs of the multi-jurisdictional financial environment with creatively tailored solutions. We can also help families who plan to relocate to Israel with their pre-Aliyah financial structuring and offer them a turn-key Israel property service for their new home or investment properties in Israel.

Stone Piles

Wealth Structuring

We provide our clients with integrated wealth management solutions and address the complex needs of the multi-jurisdictional family.

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Stone House

Israel Property Advisory

Whether you are buying an Israeli property for your family to live in or as an investment, we can help you to purchase your Israeli property with complete peace of mind.

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Stone Path

Aliyah Planning

When relocating to Israel, it is important to understand the relevant financial rules and tax regulations in your new domicile.

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Stone Circle

Israel Trusts Advisory

Under Israeli law, all international trusts with Israeli resident beneficiaries are taxable in Israel.

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Stone Bridge

Estate Planning

If members of your family live in different jurisdictions, it is important to investigate the tax implications of the bequests that you make for them.

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Domino Stones

Non-Profit Services

Many worthy charities turn to us for financial advice and we are happy to assist them with ideas to utilize the latest fundraising techniques.

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