Aliyah Planning

aliyah planningMany English-speaking immigrants to Israel leave behind a complex network of assets and family connections in their country of origin and often other countries too. When relocating to Israel, or indeed to any other country, it is important to understand the relevant financial rules and tax regulations in your new domicile.

For example, it may be important to consider your citizenship status and whether you intend to make Aliyah if you plan to reside in Israel for part of the year and retain another home overseas, as there may be tax implications in both jurisdictions. You should bear in mind that there is currently a 10-year tax exemption on capital gains for new immigrants, but it is recommended to take a longer-term view when structuring your investments.

We recommend that you read the information given in our free Israel Tax Guide and, if relevant, our Guide for Americans in Israel, before you make Aliyah, and contact us well in advance of your arrival if you need assistance with financial structuring.