Estate Planning

Estate PlanningIn today’s global village, estate planning must take into account the multi-national implications of your succession planning. If members of your family live in different jurisdictions, it is important to investigate the tax implications of the bequests that you make for them. If assets are transferred across several tax jurisdictions, they may be taxed more than once.

Anglo Capital Limited helps its clients to structure their affairs and to plan the transfer of their wealth in the most efficient way to help all those who stand to inherit. In some cases, we may recommend the setting up of a family trust, working with you to ensure that its terms must also take into account the relevant trust legislation in every country where beneficiaries live. Click here to read about our Trusts Advisory service.

To talk to Anglo Capital about updating your plans to take into account international tax regulations, contact us today in complete confidence. We can work alongside your existing advisors to ensure that your arrangements are compliant.